Financial Planning Software

When it comes to planning your financial well-being, it might be helpful to use one of the many tools available today. Some of these tools include financial planning software. Depending on the type of software you purchase, it could help you in a variety of different areas, such as planning for your retirement or keeping track of your personal and business dealings. Many of the financial planning software that is available today can do all of this and so much more.

There are several different types of financial planning software available on the market today, that you will have no problems in finding one. However, whichever type you choose, you should ensure that it performs exactly as you need it to, in your financial planning venture. For example, some software can help you in managing and calculating your 401k, estimate the costs of college or savings, keep track of your stock portfolio, or analyze the goals of your IRA.

Some other features include keeping track of your profit and loss in regards to your business, balancing your checking account or multiple accounts; maintain a organized list of your customers, contacts, or even employees. There are so many features that come with various financial planning software that it is imperative that you research the software to ensure it can offer you exactly what you need.

The prices vary greatly depending on the financial planning software you purchase. For example, the latest version of Microsoft Money Home and Business, which is perfect for home-based business owners, personal finances, or businesses that employ less than five people, runs for a cost of around $60.00.

The financial planning software that is the most popular and used by many is Quicken. The home and business version of Quicken, gives you power to categorize expenses both personal and business, in efforts to help you when it comes to taxes and reports. Quicken helps you in finding all the deductions you can claim and simplifies the process of preparing your taxes, as well as helping you in managing your flow of cash in an effective manner. This program runs at a cost of about $80.00.

Of course, the choice is yours and you should only make the decision after conducting research on the different financial planning software, determining what your needs are, comparing prices, and comparing support of the company. Make sure when you make any type of investment that you only do so after gaining knowledge and the best information.

The Lady And The Unicorn Tapestries

The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries are among the most beautiful and captivating masterpieces of Medieval times. And almost as captivating as the tapestries themselves is their wonderfully chequered history.

These works of art were undiscovered until 1844 when they were found by French dramatist and historian Proper Merimee in Boussac Castle. The novelist Georges Sands brought them to public attention in her novels . Badly damaged by damp, they were bought by the Cluny Museum in Paris in 1853 and restored. They are now displayed in their own circular room at the museum.

The designer and weavers of the Lady and the Unicorn series are unknown but experts estimate they were woven in the late 15th century. It is thought that the series were commissioned by the Le Viste family, of which the head was Jean Le Viste, a nobleman in the court of King Charles VII, as the coat of arms on the standards, including the lion and the unicorn, represented the family.

The decorative floral background of each tapestry is the same. The Mille Fleurs pattern, meaning the thousand flowers” is a style most associated with the Bruges and Brussels areas of Flanders in Belgium so it is widely thought that the tapestries were made there.

The beautifully woven tapestries use the L’halluin weaving techniques with bold colors and intricate detailing. Each tapestry features the same subjects, a beautiful lady and a mythical creature, a unicorn. A lion also appears in each scene. However the theme for each is slightly different. The inclusion of other animals a rabbit, birds, a monkey adds to the world of fantasy and complement the enigmatic images.

The six tapestries are said to represent the five senses taste, hearing, sight, smell and touch with the sixth often interpreted as love”.

In the sight tapestry a woman is seen holding a mirror, the ubiquitous unicorn reflected in its glass. The tapestry representing hearing sees the woman playing a musical instrument, the lion and the unicorn standing at either side framing the scene. In the third tapestry the lady is seen taking a piece of candy as a celebration of taste. The lion and the unicorn once again feature, lying on their back. Representing touch, in the fourth tapestry the lady holds the unicorn’s horn as the lion looks on. In the fifth tapestry we see the lady making a wreath of fresh flowers. The lion and unicorn once again frame the scene whilst a monkey smells one of the flowers demonstrating the theme.

Adorned by the words A Mon Seul Desir” meaning to my soul desire”, the sixth tapestry in the series is larger than the rest and differs in theme. The tapestry depicts a lady holding a necklace whilst her maidservant holds an open chest. A tent in the image is said to represent the lady’s soul desire, which she is about to enter.

Some interpretations see the tapestries as representing virginity, based on an ancient myth that only a pure virgin could tame the unicorn. Others interpretation sees the lady putting the necklace into the chest as a denial of the passions aroused in the other tapestries. Yet another version sees this tapestry as representing a sixth sense of understanding or empathy. The latter explanation is taken from the sermons of Jean Gerson, a lecturer at the University of Paris around 1420.

The mystery surrounding the story of the tapestry has inspired works of literature. Best selling author of Tracy Chevalier, inspired by the layers of symbolic meanings in the series, decided the tapestries would make an ideal subject for a novel. Centering on a young artist man torn between Love and Duty, the story has all the passion and uncertainty of the images themselves. Her colorful and enchanting interpretation of how the tapestries came to be created did justice to the rich, vibrant tapestries.

The original Lady and the Unicorn tapestries are currently displayed in Paris’s Musee National du Moyen-Age Thermes de Cluny but reproductions are still being bought today to compliment home dcor. The tapestries, rich in both beauty and history, make unique and creative wall hangings adding a touch of character to every home.

Global Advertising Agencies Have Global Perception To Market Your Brand

In the buying cycle advertising plays an effectual role. With the increasing throttle tight competitions millions of brands do search for their right positioning; here the experiential global advertising agencies help every company by strategically creating the brand awareness. To make every penny worthwhile spending on advertising, it is important to make optimum use of the resourced penetrated. With evolving technology, various dimensions of media are cropping it is important to use the right one to stay ahead in the competitive times. For making the brands speak for you, outsourcing advertising solutions is more convenient and feasible option these days.

To tap the potential customers, top trending solutions are offered depending on the demographics and other influencing factors. We all know that there are different channels of media; knowledgeable professionals here suggest the best medium which does get active eye attention from the public. Right from Research to final execution the measures are planned by global advertising agencies phase wise with the attention of the detailed prospective. The expert audit team systemically tabulate the responses for clear transparency and add worth to the every money spent. For high end customer services, majority of the interface are active around the clock and does work well while finding optimization techniques and other measure. Your brands could also avail the specialization in higher visibility and higher rankings on search engine platforms. As for small information people do rely on the internet largely.

Global advertising agencies use the pathway of clear and crisp language for niche efforts and satisfying the clients to the fullest. The key element of using these services is the placing, to get more noticed the proper direction is suggested to gain the response at the fullest. The main purpose here is to publicize the brands with larger impact, but at very affordable prices. Reputed advertisers of global advertising agencies do have ample of options and different dimensions of media for trending and updating techniques implementation.

For maintaining the sustainability among the audiences global advertising agencies do participate in various discussion forums and create participative conversation for getting feedback from the consumers as they are very important in the buying and selling processes. This is one of the influencing factors among the audiences. Different methods of optimization are inculcated to know the taste of the consumers and making easier for the viewers to find the brands on the search engine platforms. Long credited global advertising agencies do satisfy the needs by forming emotional and personalised approach to every brand thus strengthening the brand values.

Be it mobile campaigning or covering live events for the promotional ways, easier and practical solutions are offered by the reputed advertisers that can help the companies to reach the next level easily and making the featuring products at very large scale. In the role of businesses maintaining and creating the brand image is mandatory for survival, advertising does the best in communicating if the messages are transmitted in the right way. Advertisers are important for spreading the messages in more experiential way at the same time taking care of the cost involved.

Hints On Creating A Business.


Solve the economic problems in France by the creation of mini enterprises.

The author of this article is an ex-patriot Briton who has lived in France for thirty years but has never truly adapted to the Gallic mentality of the welfare state.

In France where I live there is a lot of talk about the cost of living. There is more talk about the length of the working week. There is even more talk about the length of one’s working life.The thing is the cost of living does go up. The answer is not to bring it down. It’s to earn more money. Everything is relative.Some years ago the government reduced the working week to thirty five hours. The worker became very competitive. But he didn’t earn any more money. He just had more time on his hands with no money to enjoy it better. Today a man can hope to live to perhaps eighty years of age. Most people here officially retire at sixty and actually stop working around fifty five to fifty seven. That means a longer retirement with even less money to spend.What needs to be done is to re-define work and income. In the minds of most people income is related to the hours of work done. Well and good, but there is a limit on the number of hours one can work and there is also a limit on what the market can bear in the way of salaries.The answer of course is to have an extra source of income. Writing is a good example. It costs nothing to write a book except time. Mind you, the chance of actually making any money is slight.

The Ideal Business

Another way is to start a business. How should we define what today is the ideal business?If the person concerned wishes to start a business to earn extra income he certainly doesn’t want to lose a lot of money. Neither does he want to add the stresses and strains of corporate management.

Let us take a group of men and women for example. It is always better to work with like minded people. So our future businessman or woman should look around him for positive minded people with the same ideas. One is usually surrounded by people with negative ideas and negative advice. We are going to imagine that these future businessmen and women are already successful in their own fields such as computer engineering and real estate and various other areas. This is very important. If one is going to undertake a project it’s always better to associate with successful people; maybe they don’t want you, but you need them. Now, while remaining independent, they will join together to use their combined force and that of new technologies such as internet to cover the globe in a new venture. I believe the word now used is to create synergy.

Convinced today that the need is to have multiple mini enterprises connected in a global strategy with a common aim they would join with a powerful multi-national. Why? Because they do not want to be involved in the production, stock, research, shipping and the myriad of other tasks that are involved in marketing that have to be done. Somebody has to do it certainly. That though should not be the job of the small start up business. There could be other ways, but that is the least complicated choice. The difficulty is to find the reliable company with the perfect track record, the unique product and the ability to pay one for the results obtained. Five or six intelligent people with much past experience can do this. The corporation will therefore be responsible for the creation, development and worldwide distribution of the products concerned. The French group develops business contacts that in their turn create the markets in their respective countries.

Today the ideal mini business should be no more than a computer, a cell-phone, and a bank account. It should have very limited stock or even none. It should have no salaried employees. It should have no rent to pay for offices. The investment should be minimal; certainly less than the creator’s monthly salary. It should also function along with whatever other activity is currently being practiced.

The project should meet all of the above. There might be slight variations depending on the country concerned and the commitment of the future associate.

A knowledge of English is necessary, the use of Skype for communications advisable. It is almost impossible today to develop internationally without English. Also personal communications between the associates is essential. Skype or some other system provides the means of a cost free service. Nobody can seriously develop a business worldwide without its use.

Another requirement of a good business is to have an unlimited income potential. While nothing is guaranteed in business there should be the possibility of very great financial gain. The group and the parent company should provide training all along the way. At each stage of the upward development of the business the appropriate training would be given, either locally or in the new associates region. This of course being backed up by contacts on Skype etc.

Los Angeles, Ca – Business Services

As one of the largest U.S. cities, Los Angeles can boast of a full range of business services to local denizens and business travelers alike. One can find a business catering to virtually every imaginable desire. From computer services to upscale nail salons to shipping/packaging establishments, its all there.

In need of business IT services? If so, head on over to Sky Computer Services on Overland Avenue in Los Angeles. Looking for a small, charming hotel? The Orchid ‘O’ Hotel on South Flower Street would be more than happy to reserve a room for you. Maybe you have some goods that need to be boxed and shipped. Mosey on over to Paper Mart on Alexander Street, the self-proclaimed largest and most complete packaging store in the city. The list is endless, and points to the growing prominence of the burgeoning service-based economy.

Also known as the tertiary sector of industry, the service sector is one of the primary industrial categories of a developed economy; the others are manufacturing and agriculture.

The service sector involves availing services to businesspersons as well as consumers. It might involve the distribution of goods from producer to a business, or the proffering of a business service, such as in the aforementioned packaging company. The main focus is on person-to-person interaction, with service as the primary goal, rather than producing physical goods.

An incomplete list of Los Angeles’ business service economy industries includes insurance, tourism, banking, retail, education, news media, consulting, hospitals, real estate and restaurants. Productivity is a big factor in the measurement of exactly how effective a service delivery establishment is.

Economist postulate that the service sector tends to be wealth consuming, as opposed to manufacturing, which is wealth producing. Services are not tangible, rendering it harder for potential customers to understand exactly what they will be getting and what value it will hold. Varied services, such as business consulting and investment businesses, actually offer no definite guarantee of the value for money invested.

Since a physical product does not exist to measure, business service quality is calculated by the merit of the individuals providing the services. While a manufacturer uses technology and other techniques to produce goods, a business service provider must rely on his or her workers to give solid customer service.

Debt Settlement – The Gory Details of My Personal Story

You are about to read a very personal story about me. I am a happily married, 40 year-old father of two precious little kids. I live in Los Angeles, California and my name is Jonathan Grossman. This sounds like an introduction to an AA meeting. In some ways it is!

Back in 2004, I was making a great living as a TV composer and enjoying the high life with my wife. By 2006, we had our first child and I was unemployed, living off savings and hoping things would turn around. By 2009, I had 2 kids, went through all of my savings and managed to accumulate $130,000 in debt. Things were not getting better and I had to make a move.

This story is a lot of things. First off, it’s true. But even more than that, it is a brutal examination of the American economy from the point of view of the consumer. In many ways, I am the typical Hollywood story combined with the typical real estate boom home buyer. I was irresponsible and wreck-less and the financial climate was my gracious enabler.

This story will tell the tale of how I got myself into this financial mess, and I how I chose to get myself out of it. For the record, I take 100% responsibility for creating all of this debt. I am not for a second blaming anyone but myself!

The story has a horrific beginning, but a great ending. Without further delay, here are some details.

In July 2009 this is where I stood:

* $130,000 in unsecured debt.

$104,000 in unsecured personal lines of credit
$26,000 in credit card debt

* Owned, or rather “owed”, my home which was fully financed at $880,000 and it was underwater.

If I sold it, I wouldn’t even be able to pay off my mortgage.

* Monthly bills: $18,000
* Monthly net income: $12,500

Monthly deficit: $6,500

* I was drawing from my personal lines of credit to help pay the bills each month.
* I was drawing from those very same lines of credit to make the minimum payments on them each month.
* I had 2-3 more months before the credit ran out…MAXIMUM DEBT VELOCITY.


* Foreclose on my house.
* Feel humiliated with my family and friends.
* Declare bankruptcy.
* Look into the sweet little eyes of my 4 year old son and explain why we have to move from our home and make new friends
* Admit to my wife that I had let the family down.
* Admit to myself that I was a failure.


NYC: National Debt Clock

I’ll tell you.

* I didn’t save enough for a rainy day.
* I kept hoping things would turn around.
* I ignored the obvious downward spiral.
* Once I started to fall into the pit, I passed the threshold of caring.


Here’s my story of how I got into $130,000 in debt and how I am getting myself out of it. I am not yet done by the way.


Let me be clear up front. I am not a debt settlement counselor. I do not work for any of the debt settlement companies. I do not profess to be an expert or in any way imply that you are guaranteed to have the same results I am having.

Things that can or will happen if you choose Debt Settlement include:

* A lot of HARD WORK.
* A lot of time, focus and resilience.
* Rhino skin and tenacity.
* You MIGHT be threatened with law suits.
* You will have creditors calling you all the time.
* Your credit will suffer.
* You MIGHT have to pay taxes on the amount of debt that the bank forgives.

It is NOT easy. As I just said, you need rhino skin and tenacity. But, if you are willing to do your homework, you may find that debt settlement is the right road for you.

I did A LOT of research and ended up using a debt settlement company that was extraordinary. I will wholeheartedly recommend them because I believe they are fair, supremely skilled and a true consumer advocate. My intention is to give back to the very company that gave me so much.
Here’s the deal about this blog:

* Take what is useful.
* Toss what isn’t.
* Call my recommended company if you are inclined…..BUT… your research. Call a dozen of them.
* You may discover what I discovered.
* There are only a few debt settlement companies that are really there to help.

The one I used, Consumer Recovery Network, was incredible for me. I imagine they could help you as well. Throughout this blog you will notice that I keep mentioning Consumer Recovery Network (CRN). They are the only company that I have worked with and therefore the only company with which I have first-hand experience.

Commercial Van Insurance Explained

Van Insurance Groups work in similarly as Car and Motorcycle Insurance Groups – and it is these that the Insurance Industry usage to

determine the classification of your non-commercial or business car.Cheapest Van

Insurance With Insurance boost by over 22 percent in 2010/2011 – it is no surprise to learn that numerous otherwise the

majority of car producers are searching for means to lower the Van Insurance Group classifications, to get their automobile much more

affordable in this challenging monetary market.

With Vans and Commercial Vehicles alike, the Insurance Categories provided to the manufacturers is established by the ABI (Association of

British Insurers) and Thatcham – the protection accreditation specialists.Cheapest Van

Insurance Group Unlike motorcycles and vehicles, the modest van has an overview just insurance ranking as a result of

the quantity of uses which business cars can be utilized for. Despite the fact that this is one-of-a-kind to the business vehicle industry, it

likewise passes on to vehicles and bikes where the usage is categorized “for business use.”.

Let’s Move Onto Another Color Of Advertising

While climbing to the next level in businesses, strategic conceptual plans are required to make a strong market presence and win the confidence of millions of customers. To reach every level of optimised goals focussed marketing and hiring leadership quality Astoria advertising agency is important.

Creative and skilful minds can get result driven campaigns says the Queen NY Advertising Agency. Various ways are there to use the technology to the optimum level for conveying the crisp of message to the targeted audiences. Some of the methods are as follows:-

1) Work Smarter, before hitting the ground- It is mandatory step first to decide the goal of advertising, stipulation of the timings, budgets and foremost priority should be given of knowing your customers choices and preference, here unique keyword generation and good Search engine optimization would help to know the current trends of markets and competitors efforts. These processes are important to keep the formulation unique and consumer appealing this can be done by seeking the services from the reputed Queen NY Advertising Agency.

2) Announcing your Schemes- The brand entity is important, for managing and keeping up the good will in the minds of audiences branding is important. Announce offers and keep the customers updated about your schemes through short messaging services or crisp emails, says the professional expert of Astoria Advertising Agency. Participative messages work best in seeking the desired attention from the audiences. Creativeness is essential while marketing your product.

3) Smartly using the social media platforms- With the digital revolution every brand wants to secure its own place. High quality link building from the social media platforms can drive traffic to the website. Reputed Advertising agencies also refurbish up with the participation in the community. Ask opinions to people about the product, as the brand itself is for the people and with the rising competitions it is becoming foremost important to keep the customers satisfied with the brands.

4) Organic and genuine contents publicity- Days are of Smart phones and gadgets, they are becoming our best saviour. We grab maximum information from the tech savvy gadgets and smart phones. It is important to keep the content strategy stronger and innovative every time. It serves our both the purposes if they are user friendly contents it will suffice the existing customers and will reinforce to get newer audiences persuading them in the buying decisions. The contents are in form of blogs, thus the creative team of Astoria Advertising Agency suggests having team of qualified and well experienced writers. Blogs and write ups are effective in gaining the much needed attention. Prior planning is essential as it does take little time.

5) Advertising is the matter of group efforts- Involving the integral Part of team is a great aid of brain storming efforts says the professional experts of Queen NY Advertising Agency.

The originality of professionalism is known by the creditability which is attained by good customer satisfaction. Reputed advertising agency can give you obtainable positive results and measurable returns on investments.

Emperor Penguins

The Emperor Penguin is most noted for its size, reaching up to four feet in height, making it the tallest penguin of its species. Its stomach is white and its wings and back are black, lending its trademark “tuxedo look.” Although penguins have wings they do not fly, but swim through the water at an average speed of four to six miles per hour, with possible bursts of up to twelve miles per hour. Although water mixed with cold temperatures causes humans to experience hypothermia and even death, penguins have a preen gland which secretes an oil that they use to coat their feathers with so water will run off of them.

Emperor Penguins live in the coldest region of any other penguin on earth. They not only survive, but reproduce and thrive where other penguins cannot. Adult Emperor Penguins travel about sixty miles into Antarctica for breeding season. Although cold temperatures are a threat to the survival of other penguins and their eggs, the Emperor Penguin has characteristics that allow them to keep warm, notwithstanding below freezing temperatures and high winds.

After searching for a mate, the female lays a single egg in the months of May or June. After laying the egg, the female will carefully pass the egg to the male to incubate until it hatches. This process is carefully executed so the egg does not have any contact with the ice where it would immediately die voiding the couple’s attempt at reproduction that year. When the male successfully receives the egg he incubates it above his feet in a flap of skin called a brood pouch. In order to stay warm in the extreme temperatures, Emperor Penguins form large groups and huddle together. They instinctively know when to move from the center of this huddle toward the outer edges to give each penguin the warmth of the middle. This process allows for them to survive the brutal temperatures in the Antarctic.

After the male has the egg, the female is free to travel to get food. She returns after about two months. After her arrival she is able to regurgitate the food for the young chick when it hatches. If the chick is born before the female returns, the male is able to produce a milky substance from his esophagus to keep his young alive. When the female returns to care for her young, the male is then free to go in search of food.

While it may seem unnatural for a species to reproduce in such extreme weather conditions, in actuality winter is the ideal season for reproduction because there is less competition for food. Emperor Penguin chicks are larger than other penguin species and an adequate diet is essential for their survival. Only in the harsh days of winter is there enough food for them. Emperor Penguins diet consists mainly of cephlapods, such as octopus and squid, but they also eat krill and fish. Their threat for survival is not only freezing in the cold temperatures, but also natural predators such as sea lions, Orca Whales and sharks. Although global warming has raised concerns for Emperor Penguins, there is thought to be an estimated 350,000 of them in the world.

Survival in Antarctica seems impossible, yet the Emperor Penguin continues to thrive in these freezing temperatures. Their physical characteristics, instincts and socialization allow for them to continue to reproduce and thrive in a climate that would otherwise be deadly.

Penetrating The Singapore Organic Food Market

Organic food in Singapore is a trend that is picking up and is quickly transforming itself to be one of the predominant lifestyle choices for many Singaporeans. In fact, approximately 58 thousand consumers in the fast paced, and highly urbanized Singapore spent a total of 5 million dollars last year in 2007 for various kinds of organic food and products. Since the Singapore organic food production farms is limited due to a lack of land space, most of the organic foodstuff are imported from overseas.

U.S exporters currently have a huge headstart in the Singapore organic food market because the U.S exporters are considered to be one of the more matured and cutting edge sources of health food and related organic food promotions in the market today. They are also highly regarded because in general, each of the brands carried by these individual exporters covers a wide range of organic products ranging from miso to brown rice and ice cream.

One of the ways U.S exporters can better distribute their products and get widespread adoption of their products would be to pay attention to the preference of the locals. Organic food in Singapore are mostly vegetables, nuts, fruits and rice. However, rice is a staple food in many asian countries and more so in Singapore, since over 96% percent of the population consist of asians. Hence, the consumption of rice is very high and traditionally, exporters who brings organic rice into Singapore has gotten very good results.

Also, due to the push from government agencies on the importance of a healthy lifestyle consisting of constant exercise and a healthy diet, the general population tend to not like food that are too salty or sweet. Catering to this particular preference in your range of organic food in Singapore will ensure that your adoption rate will be high.

Position your organic food to be a healthier choice for people. Invest in small but attractive packaging sizes for your organic products to encourage consumer trial of your products. In fact, you could even go a step further and do large scale promotions offering free samples to the people and giving them recipes on how to cook the organic food.

As Singapore is a small country with a population of 4 million people, its people are highly educated and know the importance of investing in their own health. However, they are also price conscious of the products they buy. By pricing your organic producs to be competitive with non-organic food and undertaking a moderate promotional effort, a distributor will be very successful in this market for organic food in Singapore. Most importantly, be patient and flexible with your orders and your local distributors since the organic food market in Singapore is still in its infancy stage.